The YCW Vision Newsletter Fall 2020


Mission Statement: To foster a safe school environment impacting student well-being through awareness & involvement

“YCW of Miami-Dade” News

February-June 2020

Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County had a successful 2019-2020 school year in providing youth crime prevention educational services to Miami-Dade County Schools; despite the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 39  Miami-Dade schools during the 2019-2020 school year were presented with YCW of Miami-Dade educational services, whether it was implementing or reinstating YCW programs (clubs) or conducting YCW Presentations/Assemblies on various youth crime prevention topics.

The annual Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade “Poster & Essay Contest” was once again a successful endeavor where Miami-Dade County School students were given the opportunity & forum to present their creative action plans on youth crime prevention. The theme for this year’s contest was “Stranger Danger Things to Beware”.

“YCW of Miami-Dade” News February-June 2020 Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County conducted several “digital distance learning” presentations during the months of March-June 2020. With M-DCPS altering to distance learning during those months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, YCW was still able to conduct several presentations on cybersafety and summer safety. YCW has the capability and functionality for digital distance learning to educate youth on crime prevention topics.
Living through a pandemic is very challenging, but the importance and vitality of youth crime prevention should never be diminished. YCW of Miami-Dade is prepared and accessible to educate Miami-Dade students on youth crime prevention using the viable protocol for COVID-19 prevention while instructing our youth on their safety. 

YCW School News     February-June 2020

Howard Drive Elementary implemented a very successful YCW school program (club). Their activity level did not even cease in spite of the pandemic. Their superlative YCW School Advisor Team consisted of School Counselor Suanne Moses and Officers Peter Judge & Kevin Collins from the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Village of Palmetto Bay Unit. The school’s YCW program was steadfast in coordinating activities for events such as: World Kindness Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week. They also participated in the YCW Poster & Essay Contest, “Stranger Danger Things to Beware”. Finally, they even virtually volunteered by participating in the YCW “Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week by creating posters on “stop the violence” to post via social media.
Miami Jackson Senior High implemented an excellent YCW school program (club). Their YCW Advisor was school educator Vandetta Scott. The YCW school program (club) did a great job in integrating current events in their program activities. They held bi-monthly meetings and the student members showed impressive leadership skills in their youth crime prevention endeavors.
Coral Reef Elementary’s YCW school program (club) had another outstanding school year in coordinating a wide array of youth crime prevention & law enforcement education activities. Miami-Dade Police Officers from the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit educated the YCW student members on various facets of law enforcement and crime prevention. The YCW student members also participated in a end-of-the-school year appreciation meeting where YCW of Miami-Dade conducted a “digital distance learning” cybersafety presentation. They also participated in the YCW Poster & Essay Contest “Stranger Danger Things to Beware”. Officer Peter Judge & Officer Kevin Collins, and School Counselor Susan Sirota were superstars in their participation as the Coral Reef Elementary YCW School Advisor Team.