“Stop the Violence” Blue Ribbon Week Campaign

Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County annually spearheads the YCW Stop the Violence Blue Ribbon Week campaign for all grade levels. The official YCW color is blue. The YCW blue ribbon signifies student solidarity to live a “violence free lifestyle” and students educating their peers on youth crime prevention. Various YCW school programs (clubs) and other student delegations participate in the campaign by coordinating “stop the violence” activities.


Activities include:


Decorate the school with blue (official YCW color) ribbons.


Create “YCW Stop the Violence posters” on various youth crime prevention topics and post them up at several locations throughout the school; and also post them electronically via social media on school’s social media pages.


Announce a “YCW (Stop the Violence) Safety Tip of the Day” each day during the school’s morning announcements.


Contact YCW of Miami-Dade School Coordinators to conduct presentations on bullying/cyberbullying prevention, reporting crimes, school violence prevention and other youth crime prevention topics.


Sponsor a “stop the violence” contest (essay, poster, poem, theme song, video, slogan, etc.)


Coordinate a “YCW Blue Ribbon Week” Door Contest by having students decorate their classroom doors with crime prevention messages, posters, etc.


Sponsor a YCW Blue Day or YCW Blue Rally where everyone is encouraged to wear blue – blue socks, blue hats, blue shirts, etc. Give an award to the class with covered in the most blue.