Red Ribbon Week Campaign

Youth Crime Watch (YCW) of Miami-Dade County annually participates in the Drug Prevention Red Ribbon Week campaign (October 23-31). Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade School Coordinators conduct “Drug Prevention” presentations/assemblies at Miami-Dade schools during the campaign. Various YCW school programs (clubs) participate in coordinating their school’s “Red Ribbon Week” with a wide array of “drug prevention education” activities.

Activities include:

1.Create YCW “Red Ribbon Week” Drug Prevention posters and post them at several locations throughout the school.

2.Contact YCW of Miami-Dade School Coordinators to conduct presentations/assemblies on Drug Prevention.

3.Decorate the hallways for the Red Ribbon theme; include things like red ribbons, red paper chains or student handprints cut from red paper.

4.Coordinate a Red Ribbon Week door decoration contest for all the classrooms.

5.Announce a “YCW Drug Prevention Tip of the Day” each day during the morning or afternoon announcements.

6.Sponsor a drug prevention contest (essay, poster, poem, theme song, slogan etc.) for Red Ribbon Week.

7.Encourage students to write and then sign their own personal pledges to live drug free.

8.Design Red Ribbon Week banners to hang in front of the school or in a prominent place inside.

9.Incorporate “Drug Prevention Education” in the school’s weekly curriculum.